Backsplash, Cabinets, Countertops, Flooring – Which do you Choose First?

Backsplash, Cabinets, Countertops, Flooring – Which do you Choose First?

Redoing your kitchen can sound like a lot of fun, and most of the time it is—but it can also be overwhelming when you begin to realize how many decisions there are to be made. From cabinets, to countertops, there are some major features that must be decided upon, and then put into the installation plan.

Before you get overloaded with the choices, it’s important to step back and take a look at the order of your renovation. Understanding what comes first will help a large project not look so daunting as it’s broken down into its succession of parts. Before you take off for the store, be sure to take some well-deserved time to look at what’s most important first when it comes to your kitchen renovation and redesign strategy.


Color-the base canvas off of which the kitchen artwork is built

Before you even begin looking at items you love and want to add to your kitchen, it’s imperative that you come up with a color scheme. Having a clear picture of the color palette you want to implement in your head will narrow down your feature choices and keep you in line with a “theme” of sorts. Choosing color first sets the guidelines for what’s to follow. This is because color isn’t necessarily contingent on traffic. While it may determine the aesthetic value of the space, color isn’t going to affect the durability of your granite countertops or appliances—it will only determine their physical hue and tone. Being the most flexible element means it comes first on the renovation to do list.

Flooring that’s made to match the movement in your home

Flooring is an element where daily traffic matters. You’ve decided on your color scheme, now it’s time to find complimentary flooring that can also keep up with the type of hosting you do in your kitchen. For example, if you’ve decided on a pale color scheme to keep the space bright, but you have kids running through your kitchen all day long, you might want to go with a darker, durable bamboo option to conceal shoe marks and provide an easy-to-clean surface. Similarly, a dark floor could be a really stunning contrast with lighter features like white or beige granite countertops.

Countertops that take longevity and quality into consideration

Countertops come next on the list and need to be picked for their aesthetic appeal and durability. When it comes to your kitchen surfaces, granite is the way to go. Not only is granite known for it’s beautiful textures and swirling colors and patterns, it’s made to last and is going to provide a sleek surface for your space for years to come. It holds up well under daily use and is extremely easy to clean. Whether you’re a host known for lavish parties or a full time parent that’s hosting multiple meals a day for little mouths in the kitchen, granite is up to the test of time. Available in a rainbow of colors and hues, granite countertops are easy to match to your color scheme and provide an incredible canvas for adding accent pieces as you go!

Cabinets that create the final touches your renovation requires

Cabinets are a must-have in your kitchen because they hold everything you’re going to need to function in the space, but they fall closer to the end of your decision making because there are multiple functional options to choose from within the world of cabinetry. Whether you’re purchasing entirely new or looking to upgrade existing kitchen cabinets, these are the kitchen features that are meant to draw focus up and pull together all of the primary kitchen features you’ve invested in. Cabinets are “completing” features in the kitchen. They can be used with closed doors to create final, finished and clean cut lines. Alternatively, they can work as artistic statements with open shelving options that create a frame for colorful or fancy dishware displays.

Bringing creativity into the kitchen with your backsplash

The backsplash is the final player in your renovation lineup. This is because it is an extremely vital feature in the kitchen, but allows for the most creativity, and should be well thought through for amazing results. A backsplash works hard to protect your granite countertops from excessive spills and splashes. Its functional purpose is extremely protective, however, the aesthetic options for a backsplash are nearly endless. This is the place to get creative with materials and designs that you might not think about using elsewhere. There’s no reason that brick, tiles, copper panels or even murals can’t be used in backsplash production. A backsplash really has the ability to bring colorful elements of a kitchen together, all while keeping your stunning surfaces safe from damage.