Choose Granite Countertops To Maximize The Size Of Your Kitchen

Choose Granite Countertops To Maximize The Size Of Your Kitchen

Granite is the  perfect countertop material  for any size kitchen. There are a plethora of beautiful options for color, texture, vein style, and patterns to choose from that can enhance any kitchen design. Granite is elegant and timeless, and choosing a color that maximizes the size of your kitchen will pay off handsomely in the long run.

How to maximize kitchen spaciousness…


We asked the pros at Classic Granite & Marble to help us understand how color affects our perception  with regards to making a space feel larger or smaller. Of course, most of us want our kitchens to feel spacious and welcoming.  Light colors reflecting ambient light will add a richness to your kitchen design and expand one’s perception of depth and size. If your kitchen is short on space, choosing lighter colors for both granite, cabinets and walls allows for maximum light reflection.  Add lighting fixtures under cabinets to allow for optimum light flow.

Of course, even if your kitchen is slight on space, it may reflect your personality best to use dark colors for any part of the design.  If you choose dark granite tops, providing lots of light will reflect the beauty and richness of your granite color choice.  Polished granite is naturally highly light reflective.  Your small, well-lit kitchen with dark colors can create a very bold, inviting, and cozy atmosphere.  

More options abound if you already have a large, spacious, light-filled kitchen.  Here anything goes that fits your style.  Placing light or dark countertops will change the way light plays with your design, but you simply cannot go wrong.  

Here’s a trend we love:  If you have an island in your kitchen, consider a contrasting color countertop to the countertop on all of the other surfaces. This allows the island to be a focal point with a pop of color.


While any granite color can work in both large and small kitchens, considering granite countertop color and the effect lighting has on it is important in your kitchen design. Choosing granite will add instant quality and panache to any kitchen; large, small or somewhere in between.