Choosing the Right Granite for Your Kitchen

Choosing the Right Granite for Your Kitchen

Granite countertops add a sophisticated, luxurious feel to your kitchen. But don’t just choose any granite slab when updating the kitchen. There is a lot of variation in slabs of granite, so it’s important that you make the choice carefully. Other options to consider include cost factors, color, patterns and finishes. With expert help, you can ensure that your beautiful, easy-to-clean granite countertop adds the curb appeal your kitchen needs.

Factor in the Costs


Homeowners should know that there are some hidden costs associated with buying a granite counter. You may have to pay for freight shipping, a cost that isn’t usually included in the base price. Be sure to compare the cost of several granite slabs, asking about the shipping charges and any other costs associated with the purchase.

Understand Variation Is Normal

Another factor to consider when choosing a granite slab is variation. A sample of the granite will only tell you so much about the slab. It’s best to get a look at a large sample, so you can see what the variation in texture looks like. If you can, take the granite samples home and test their color and variation against the rest of your kitchen decor. Before making the purchase, ask if it’s possible to see the exact slab you’re order to get a full view of the slab’s variation.

Choose a Color You Will Love for Decades

Keep in mind that when you’re selecting a slab, you’ll be living with the countertop for a long time. Make sure you really love the granite before making the investment. Granite lasts a long time, so it should withstand the test of time and changing styles. . A popular color today may not be so trendy five years from now. You should also think about how a future homebuyer may perceive the granite granite. Even if you aren’t planning on selling your home, you never know what will happen. Avoid choosing an unusual color or pattern that could potentially turn future buyers away.

Focus on Patterns

Color is just aspect of the granite. The other factor to consider is the pattern. All slabs have different patterns, and each pattern is unique to the slab. Look at a lot of different samples to find a slab that captures your interest. Think about how the chosen pattern will look on a larger scale, not just how it looks on the sample. For example, a dense pattern might look too busy on a small sample but on a bigger scale, may look just-right for your space.

Seams are a Possibility

A seamless granite countertop drives the cost of your countertop up. For many homeowners, seams in a granite counter are a reality. Each piece of granite comes in a length of 10 feet, so planning for seams is a must. Piecing together several slabs of granite means there will inevitably be a seam in the counter. A professional installer will do all he can to ensure the seam is hidden, If the idea of a seam bothers you, consider a slab without a complex pattern, as the lines are more difficult to match, or a darker color.

Edging Can Cost More

All granite counters must have an edge, which adds to the cost of the durable counters.There are a variety of choices when it comes to edging, and some are more expensive than others. Talk to your granite professional about your options.

Think About the Finish

The granite’s finish can change the appearance of your slab. If you like a smooth and sleek look, choose a polished finish. There are other options, too, such as acid etched or brushed finishes. Be sure to look at samples of the different finishes before making a selection.

Mix and Match

Finally, since granite is a costly investment, some homeowners choose want to feature the granite in one area of the kitchen, combining it with another type of countertop material on other surfaces. Installing granite on the island, for example, is a great way to feature the luxurious material. Choose a complementary surface for the rest of the counters.

With these tips in mind, you can choose a beautiful granite slab that you’ll be happy with for years to come. Be sure to work with a trusted granite professional and explore all of the available options in color, pattern and finish.