Corian vs Granite Countertops – How to Choose

Corian vs Granite Countertops – How to Choose

Choosing countertops for a kitchen remodel can be a daunting process as you will likely be living with that choice for years to come. Because countertops can be one of the most expensive upgrades to your kitchen you want to make sure you are making an informed choice. You have many materials to consider and two countertops granite and Corian are popular in kitchens today. Both of these materials have benefits and drawbacks and the decision is based on the homeowner’s preference and how the counters will be used. Of course to make the decision you want to have all the facts about both Corian and granite countertops.

Corian Countertops


Corian, unlike granite, is a manmade product that was first created by DuPont in 1967. The countertop is comprised of alumina trihydrate and acrylic polymer and has mainly been used for countertops and bench surfaces. Corian is a stain resistant, non-porous and seamless countertop. Although Corian is somewhat heat resistant if you put something extremely hot on the surface you can crack it. Corian is also known to scratch and the damage can be seen easily on darker countertops, however, Corian can be repaired.

Corian countertops can be purchased in more than 100 colors and can easily be installed in either a bathroom or a kitchen. DuPont has produced some Corian products that mimic natural stone to keep up with the granite craze that is still going on today.

There have been some upgrades in Corian as recently as 2013 when they introduced richer darker colors that can be more scratch resistant. The newer Corian countertops have some recycled content making the countertop ecofriendly. Cuts and scratches in Corian can be repaired with a buffer and if you buff the whole countertop it will bring back the original look of the countertop.
Corian countertops are less expensive than natural stone countertops and for this reason it is very popular. Some think the countertop looks plastic like and if not properly cared for cheap, but if you maintain your counter and repair scratches this countertop can serve its purpose and can do so beautifully.

Granite Countertops

Many people love granite countertops because it is a natural stone that is formed from liquid magma from the Earth’s core. Granite is comprised of several minerals, mica and quartz that were under pressure for a long period of time and turned to is known to be one of the hardest stones on Earth. Because granite is a strong stone it has been on lists for the most popular countertops for many years. The beauty, durability and uniqueness granite countertops provide a homeowner in their kitchen or bathroom make this a natural stone to put on your short list of options.

Because granite comes straight from the earth you can get a unique piece with amazing colors and marbling. Often there are beautiful veins and natural colors that you will not find in manmade countertops. Granite will tie in with any décor in the kitchen and the piece you pick might bring out colors you did not realize were abundant in the kitchen or bathroom. Granite can be expensive and for this reason some people decide against a slab of granite and install granite tiles which can significantly reduce the amount you pay for your countertops.

Unlike Corian, granite is not easily scratched and if you maintain your granite per manufacturer’s recommendations you will keep your granite looking beautiful. Stains can set in if your granite is not sealed properly, therefore cleaning up spills when they happen is the best method to reduce the chances of staining. A hygienic countertop the porous spots in the granite get sealed with the sealant so if cleaned you should be safe from germs.

Granite has been a popular choice for new kitchens and designs for remodeling older kitchens as it raises the value of the home. You will never see to slabs of granite that match, because granite is much like your fingerprints, each piece is unique. Granite does have some drawbacks but they are easily remedied. You need to seal your granite every six months to a year, fortunately you can reseal the granite yourself and will not have to hire a professional. Granite can be really expensive, but if you shop around you can find a piece for a good price and whatever you pay for your granite, remember you are adding value to the overall home.

Granite or Corian countertops can be an easy decision once you know all the facts. Keep in mind how often your countertops will be used and what kind of activities go on in the kitchen. If you keep these things in mind as you are making your decision you will find the countertop that you love and that works for your family.