Frequently Asked Questions

What You Might Need To Know


Can you scratch granite under normal use?

Granite is one of the world’s hardest and most durable naturally produced products. Under normal household usage, it cannot be scratched but it will definitely dull your cutting utensils.

Will granite crack?

No! Granite is one of the hardest naturally produced substance on earth. Therefore, cracking will not be a concern for this product.

Do I have to seal my granite countertop?

Yes and you can do it yourself. We recommend sealing stones every six months to one year. Sealing is a simple process and the sealer normally comes in a spray can. Application is easy. Additionally, our installers will seal the stone after installation.

How do I clean the granite?

Caring for your natural stone is easy. We recommend the use of warm water with a mild dishwashing liquid on a clean cloth as frequently as you feel is necessary. Additionally, there are many commercial products available to clean granite. Do not use abrasive or acidic products for cleaning.

Can I see a granite slab before I purchase?

Yes! At Classic Granite & Marble, we inventory the full slabs in our warehouse so you can choose the right one for yourself. Additionally, after we have created a template of your kitchen or other rooms, we will lay out the room directly onto the slab with you.

Can Classic Granite & Marble supply everything I need for my kitchen?

Yes! We will guide you through the entire process beginning with design needs, quotes, measurements, fabrication, installation and follow-up. We do not subcontract our services to others. We can supply your sink, faucets and fulfill every aspect of your installation.

Why should I choose Classic Granite & Marble for my project?

Classic Granite & Marble has a highly trained staff with extensive experience in the Natural Stone industry. We are able to lead you through the entire process from stone selection through installation and follow-up. We are experts when it comes to creativity in design and fabrication.

We are direct importers of granite and this enables us to be extremely competitive with our pricing. We warehouse a complete inventory of full slabs from which you can make your selection. We provide a “Turn Key” service for your project. Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and customer service is our most important product!

Does Classic Granite & Marble warranty their work?

Yes! We have a one year warranty on our installation and on the Natural Stone.

Will Classic Granite & Marble provide a service call for my installation?

Yes! Simply contact the office and we will schedule an appropriate time to correct any issues that you may have.

Does Classic Granite & Marble fabricate other stones?

Yes! We can fabricate a complete line of Quartz products in addition to granite and marble. We fabricate Silestone, Cambria, Zodiaq, Caesarstone and Vietra.

Will my countertops be sealed by Classic Granite & Marble?

Definitely! The lead installer in charge of your project will seal the stone in front of you in order to show how easy it is. We will also recommend products for your stone to keep it’s beauty for years to come.

How many seams will I have?

Stone countertops generally require seams. Classic Granite and Marble will make every effort to have the least seams possible. In general, seams will be visible, but should not be wider than one-eighth of an inch. The special epoxy used will wear down in time to blend in with the stone and become harder than the surrounding stone, providing a long lasting, secure and strong joint.

Who removes my existing countertops?

Classic Granite and Marble is pleased to offer a demolition service, which includes removal and disposal of existing countertops for a nominal fee.

May I use my existing sink and faucet?

Absolutely! It is common with natural stone countertops to use an under-mount bowl to maximize the beauty of your countertop and provide a seamless look. Depending on the size of your kitchen, Classic Granite and Marble will offer promotional stainless steel 18 gauge sink free.

Does Classic Granite & Marble have remnants for smaller jobs?

Yes! An entire slab is not always needed for each job. Therefore, we have pieces of granite that are smaller and can be used for smaller jobs. Usually, we sell them at a reduced price.