Granite and Tile – A Match Made in the Kitchen

Granite and Tile – A Match Made in the Kitchen

Have you ever looked at a particularly appealing combination of colors or patterns and thought, “Could I recreate that look in my own kitchen?” If you are thinking in terms of granite and tile, then the answer is a resounding “Yes”!

It is important to choose your granite countertop before you choose your backsplash, because the granite will be the focal point of your design. In addition, once you have chosen your granite, it will be easier to find a coordinating tile.


As a natural stone created deep within the earth itself, granite forms many different patterns and comes in a wide variety of colors. No two pieces are exactly alike. When polished and sealed as your kitchen countertop, its mirror-like surface reflects back the beauty of your own personal taste and serves as a durable, sanitary surface in your home that will stand the test of time.  

Tile is one of the best options for your backsplash. Tile also comes in a variety of materials including marble, travertine, porcelain, or ceramic, and pieces can be placed together in different ways to form luxurious mosaics as well as simple, stately patterns in your kitchen backsplash or accent wall.  

The irregular lines and patterns found naturally in granite are referred to as veining and natural movement, and they are caused by the variation of minerals found in the specific mining region of each slab of granite. These variations lend themselves well to being paired up with the more uniform texture of solid-colored tiles. Choose neutral tones such as beige or gray for your granite and equally muted tile colors if you like to accessorize with pops of color in your utensils or decor. Or, you might consider pairing black or white granite with a tile mosaic to really accent your backsplash. Whatever you decide, rest assured that with proper care and cleaning- a daily wipedown with a little soapy water and a mild cleaning cloth- your personal granite and tile combination will retain its original beauty for years to come.