Granite Countertop Benefits

Granite Countertop Benefits

Upgrading your kitchen and not sure where to invest in the “wow” factor? Sure, stainless steel appliances are a must. But so are granite countertops. Countertops have a place of prominence in the kitchen, and they also get a lot of attention. Typically the surface upon which meal prep and a host of other activities take place, counters take a beating. The material you choose to replace your old, tired counters must be durable yet beautiful. In addition, you don’t want to choose a trendy material that will be out of date in just a few years.

Granite countertops have a host of other benefits, which include:

  • Durability. Granite is one of the hardest materials found in nature.
  • Timelessness. Granite has been a go-to countertop options for years, and will continue to look great no matter what the style is in 10 years from now.
  • Heat-resistant. The activities you do on the surface won’t damage it, as granite is heat-resistant.
  • Scratch-resistant. The durable, hard surface is also protected against scratches or chips that result from the activities that you perform on the counter — and that ultimately damage other types of countertops.
  • Long-lasting. Granite countertops last a long time, maintaining their beautiful look for years. The surface’s polish and sealant are extremely durable, holding up well under stress of normal kitchen activities.
  • Unique. Each slab of granite is unique, so the look of your countertop can’t be replicated in your neighbor’s kitchen.
  • Moisture-resistant. The hard, solid surface won’t be susceptible to moisture issues. Unlike vinyl countertops, for example, that easily give way to moisture problems, eventually separating and allowing water to seep under the vinyl, granite withstands moisture.

Granite countertops are an ideal material for your kitchen remodel. The great-looking counters will transform the look of the space, bring an elegance to the room and drive the resale value of your home, too.

For the best outcome, when replacing your kitchen counters, always use a pro to help you choose and then install the material. Granite requires specialized skills and tools to cut and polish the slab, and apply the best edging to the counters. Quality counter installations like granite should only be left to the professionals who will carefully measure the counters and cut out the slab and then ensure the seams are aligned and appropriately sealed.

When vetting a professional for your remodeling job, be sure to ask the right questions, such as:

  • How long have you been sourcing granite slabs?
  • Do you employ subcontractors to install the counters?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • What courses or trainings do your staff undergo?
  • What is the installation process for installing my counter?
  • Can you provide references?
  • Do you offer a guarantee?

For the best results when remodeling your kitchen, work with a professional firm like Classic Granite and Marble from the start. With design and installation expertise, you can ensure that your new counters will mesh with the other design elements in the kitchen, such as the paint color, backsplash, appliances and cabinets. Contact Classic Granite and Marble today for a free consultation.