How to Clean Granite Countertops Daily

How to Clean Granite Countertops Daily

Caring for and maintaining a home is a constant exercise in dedication. The key to making anything of value last is to make sure to give it the time and attention it requires to retain viability. Granite countertops are no exception to this rule. In fact, with their shining surfaces and innate, natural characteristics that lend themselves to longevity, it makes sense that homeowners put in the time it takes to make sure their investment in these countertops truly counts for years to come.

With the proper care put in place, granite countertops are sure to last a long time, and bring a revitalized sense of color, sophistication and purpose to any kitchen or bathroom. Making the effort to maintain your granite countertops ensures that these surfaces are not only durable over a long period of time, but retain their initial aesthetic appeal and also remain healthy surfaces for your family. The following are a few important facts to note when it comes to caring for your home’s granite countertops.


Be quick to catch spills

It’s no secret that in any household, accidents and spills are going to happen. They are just an inevitable part of life that need to be dealt with. When it comes to granite countertops however, spills are a bit more time sensitive. While it’s recommended that naturally porous granite countertops be covered with customized sealants every 6 months to a year, it’s never a guarantee that a large spill can’t break through and damage the stone. For this reason, it’s imperative that spills on granite countertops be cleaned up as quickly as possible on a daily basis. When cleaning minor or major spills that occur on granite surfaces, be sure to use a soft sponge that won’t damage or scratch the countertop. Using this soft sponge with warm water and mild soap is a sure way to protect your granite countertops from unwanted erosion and damage.

Keep an eye out for stains and spotting

Just because you keep up with your granite countertop maintenance doesn’t mean strange things can’t happen. Any natural material is susceptible to outside forces, and granite countertops aren’t immune from spotting and staining. Be sure to keep an eye out on a regular basis for unusual coloring or spotting that may occur on your countertop surfaces. These are easily treated with specialized products sold at home goods or granite stores if caught early. On the flip side of this situation, leaving these spots untreated could result in permanent damage to your granite countertops. For this reason, it’s important to do a quick scan of your countertops daily to make sure they are in pristine condition.

Invest in the details

It’s not unusual to find that within busy life and work schedules, granite countertop maintenance tends to fall short on the daily priority list. If you recognize that keeping up with your countertops on a daily basis could be a bit of a chore when it comes to everything else in life, there are several small investments that can save you a lot of maintenance hassle. Picking up some cute coasters will not only look great on your granite countertops, but it will encourage family and guests alike to keep glasses on a protected surface—ultimately protecting your countertops from water damage.

Additionally, this coaster precaution could save you from having to spend money sealing your countertops more often than needed due to heavy wear and tear. Granite countertops that are used by young children would greatly benefit from the constant coaster rule. Where spills or stains are more susceptible, coasters can be an homeowner’s best friend! In the same vein of thought, hot pads are just as useful of an investment when it comes to protecting your granite countertops. Heat can be just as detrimental to granite surfaces as moisture and direct contact should be avoided at all costs.

Avoiding acid Monday through Sunday

One of the great benefits of owning granite countertops is the ease with which a person can clean up when messes do happen. As previously mentioned, most spills can be dealt with using simple soap and water. However, it is just as important to note what not to use when cleaning these unique surfaces. All acid-based home cleaning products should be avoided daily when maintain granite countertops. Instead, in an effort to keep your countertops long-lasting, be sure to either stick to soap and water, or invest in specialized granite cleaning products. By ensuring you are using the correct cleaning products on a regular basis, you’ll be guaranteeing the longevity of the granite countertops that add so much to the efficiency and aesthetic quality of your kitchen bathroom or household in general. Getting into the habit of caring for your countertops each and every day will make your investment in a quality product more than worth your while.