Making a Small Bathroom Feel Larger

Making a Small Bathroom Feel Larger

While we may be in love with the home we’re currently occupying, sometimes charm doesn’t equate to sufficient space. Generally smaller than other rooms in the home, bathrooms have a way of being tinier than homeowners might prefer. Instead of letting this be a point of stress in your life, maybe it’s time to add some creativity to your design plans and start finding new and unique ways to make a small bathroom feel larger.

Fortunately for all of us, design changes aren’t exclusively about accent pieces, but incorporate important space control and the creation of illusion when necessary. It’s very possible that small changes in your design habits can make a big difference in the way a bathroom appears, from aesthetics to dimensions. Here are a few ways to make a smaller bathroom feel larger than it actually is.


Lighten up your color scheme

The rules that apply to larger rooms in your home still apply when it comes to a smaller bathroom. You may not initially think it would make much of a difference, but choosing a lighter color palette is going to make your bathroom appear significantly more spacious. Dark colors in all space tend to have a suppressing effect. In a small bathroom, dark colors come off as heavy and can shrink the appearance of the space overall.

A great way to do this is to switch out bathroom countertops for light-toned granite countertops and upgrade to white or beige cabinets and cupboards. Light granite countertops will not only be a durable and long-lasting investment for your home, but have a tendency to reflect off of overhead lighting in a way that really expands space. Similarly, while new light cabinets are going to really change the face of your bathroom, it’s not necessary to invest in brand new features. A coat of lighter paint to the front of your existing cabinets will also do the trick when it comes to the illusion of more space.

Simplify your storage options for efficiency

Sometimes it’s not the actual space that is creating a problem in a bathroom, but the sheer number of extra ‘things’ you have lying around that makes it appear smaller than what it is. If you want your bathroom to look bigger, you’re going to have to take some serious steps to make your storage options super efficient.  Adding shelving to get items up off the floor is going to open up your space significantly. Similarly, adding storage units in generally unused spaces such as above the toilet or above the bathroom door is a unique way to keep your bathroom clutter-free and looking large.

Create a focal point

If an actual expansion is out of the question, you might have to create the sense of a larger bathroom by devising a focal point. Giving family and friends something to notice will make the rest of the bathroom appear almost like a frame for the items or bathroom feature you’re highlighting. A great way to do this is to choose a stunning or bold granite countertop for your vanity and play it up with fun lighting. Granite works well as a dramatic focal point as it can play host to a variety of swirling colors. Keep the rest of the décor theme neutral and watch your focal point really pop—creating the illusion that there’s more to the bathroom than meets the eye dimensionally.

Use mirrors in creative spaces

If you’re on a mission to make your bathroom feel larger, it might be more a question of angle than color. If you find yourself short on time to paint or switch up design schemes, try adding some well-placed mirrors and let reflection do the work for you. Mirrors can create a sense of elongated space by reflecting off one another. Place a mirror on the opposite wall of your primary mirror, or even on the door to give guests a sense that space is endless as opposed to limited.

Get rid of tubs if you can

It’s not uncommon for original housing layouts to include tubs where they aren’t necessary for resale sake. A previous owner may have added a tub in a much too small of bathroom to increase the value of the home overall. If this is your situation, feel free to remove the tub and instead, replace it with a convenient and space-saving corner shower. You’ll maintain the hygiene aspect of your bathroom without sacrificing the square footage.

Add a wall mounted sink

A great way to open up floor space and make your bathroom look a little larger is to get rid of bulky sink and cabinet features and replace them with wall- mounted sinks. Just as efficient, this will keep floor space clutter-free and allow you to move other items out of the way if you need to. Sometimes it’s just a matter of hoisting some of the heavier features in a bathroom up to give a bathroom the appearance of space.