What is soapstone? Soapstone is a metamorphic rock which comes in varying degrees of hardness. It
is composed mainly of talc, magnesium silicate, and chlorite.

What color is soapstone? Soapstone is a darker natural stone that comes in shades of gray, charcoal,
greens, and blues. Random markings include white veining or shades of green, amber, or beige.


What do I use to clean my soapstone countertops? Any household cleaner will work, and you should
clean it with a damp cloth or sponge.

How durable are soapstone countertops? A soapstone countertop will last many lifetimes. It is a
dense natural stone which allows nothing to penetrate it, not even bacteria. It is impossible to stain and
unaffected by heat.

Does a soapstone countertop need plywood underneath for support? No. Soapstone countertops
can be placed directly on your cabinet frames with a silicone adhesive. Your cabinets MUST be sturdy,

I’ve heard soapstone is really soft. How does this affect wear and tear? The edges will soften and
your soapstone countertops will accumulate some nicks, scratches, and dents. The scratches can be
removed with a light sanding. Otherwise, these little nicks and scratches become part of the wear of your
soapstone countertop.

How are scratches in soapstone repaired? A simple wipe with mineral oil and the small scratches are
gone. For deeper scratches, a light sanding followed by mineral oil will do the trick.

Do I have to apply mineral oil to my soapstone countertops? No. Your stone will simply end up with
a more rustic look when left alone.

When would I oil my soapstone? Soapstone turns dark when it is exposed to water, grease, and oils.
Treating your soapstone with mineral oil will keep your stone uniform across the entire surface. Mineral oil
will also bring out the richness of your stone’s natural color, making it appear deeper and more dramatic.

How would I apply mineral oil? Apply to your entire counter and then wipe up any excess oil with a
soft, clean cloth.

When should I apply mineral oil?

1. Immediately after it is installed.
2. After your initial application, apply once a week for the first 6 months.
3. Then, apply once a month for a year. After that, just apply as needed to keep your stone looking new.

Fun Fact: Ancient Nordic Vikings used flat soapstone pebbles for pocket hand warmers!