The 8 Day Kitchen Makeover…Really!

The 8 Day Kitchen Makeover…Really!

Admit it, we are all looking for instant gratification for practically everything we do or desire.  In this age of lightening-fast information, we expect to get results quickly when a decision is made.  With regards to kitchen design, to hear it may take several weeks of dust and disorganization, we can get discouraged.  Don’t despair!  There are a plethora of ways around the long-term kitchen renovation with a few quick, creative fixes that may just surprise you.




In as little as 8 days, Classic Granite & Marble can turn your kitchen from outdated to renovated.  The first step is to choose a stone countertop you love from our vast selection, then have a template made of your tops with one of our kind and professional template consultants.  Your template is then put to fabrication where your new countertops are cut and polished.  Within a few days, our experienced installers come to your home, remove the old tops and install your new, gorgeous granite (marble, quartz, or quartzite).  The installation and cleanup are finished within a day.  The following day your plumbing is hooked up, and in about 8 days you are ready to cook and entertain in your fabulous new kitchen!


Instead of replacing your cabinets, a faster fix is to choose to simply have them painted by a professional.  There are a plethora of faux finishes and textures that can bring your cabinetry back to life, and tie your decòr together beautifully in a snap!

Consider new paint for your kitchen walls that will allow for many years of enjoyment coordinating your counter tops and cabinets.  Your paint professional will have lots of ideas to share that make a unique statement.  Depending on the professional you choose (we can recommend trustworthy folks) painting both walls and cabinets can be finished within a matter of days.


Choose new hardware and it will seem like your cabinets are fresh as new. Hardware helps set the tone for design theme and with all the choices available today, you can find just the perfect fit for your style and personality.


It is amazing how new, inexpensive lighting fixtures can make a kitchen feel completely refreshed.  

From modern to traditional, lighting has the power to create an atmosphere and set a mood like no other element in the home.


A coordinating backsplash is also a powerful, quick fix in kitchen design.  There are so many choices for material from ceramic tile, glass, metal, or stone, you are sure to find a favorite that will capture and integrate your kitchen design with finesse.  Classic Granite & Marble employs tile artisans that can also finish their work usually within a day.  

Talk to our professionals today about your kitchen quick fix to find out how soon you can have the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of!  804-378-1100