The Elusive Allure of Granite

The Elusive Allure of Granite

Since the late 1980’s, granite countertops have become the standard in kitchen and bath design.  A home without them simply isn’t as sexy or saleable.  But why?  What is so alluring about a stone so common it is the most abundant rock in the world?



Perhaps the answer lies in its vast array of colors.  Granite quarried from different parts of the world is found in exotic blends from reds, golds, beiges, blues and browns.  Blacks, whites and greys complete the spectrum of variety.  Rare colors and new combinations are discovered every year as Mother Nature’s palette is truly infinite.

Another idea is the seductive texture of granite countertops.  From slippery smooth and shiny to leathered and rustic hewn, texture matters to the eye as well as the touch.

Light reflection is certainly another facet of granite’s great popularity.  Naturally other stones with greater reflectivity are embedded together with granite through the Earth’s volcanic process.  Feldspar, quartz, and gemstones such as garnet often accompany granite and offer sparkle and radiance.  

Whatever reason you find yourself attracted to granite, fortunate souls like us are truly evolving to embrace these specimens of nature in the home en masse.  

Let us show you over 200 varieties of granite, marble and quartz in our award winning facility.  No doubt, you will find something alluring for many years to come!