Top 5 Granite Countertop Cleaning Products

Top 5 Granite Countertop Cleaning Products

Granite countertops are elegant, durable, and last a lifetime. It is important for the granite countertops to be sealed during installation, and from there little maintenance will be required. As many homeowners know, granite is resistant to heat, staining, and bacterial growth. However, it is always recommended that you clean spills immediately to help maintain the integrity of the granite countertop and the sealant. For this, you can use a mild dish detergent and a soft cloth. Daily cleaning and disinfecting of your granite countertops does require use of special products. Here are the top 5 granite countertop cleaning products that you can find in most stores.

Method Granite & Marble Cleaner


The first product you should consider for cleaning and protecting your granite countertops is Method Granite and Marble Cleaner. It can be found at some department stores, ordered online for the manufacturer, or at other websites. Although some feel it is relatively expensive, and can be up to $8.00 per bottle plus shipping and handling, it tends to last a long time. The fine mist sprayer reaches a large area, putting down a small, yet widespread amount of cleaner, keeping you from using the entire bottle too fast. Method does a great job at cleaning and disinfecting granite countertops, but it does tend to have a slight scent of chemicals.

Bleach Free Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

First of all, it is important to note that you should not use bleach, abrasive, or acidic chemicals on your granite countertops. With that said, Clorox makes disinfecting wipes that are dispensable through the top of the container. They are great for removing bacteria from your countertops, but are not so harsh that they destroy the sealant or granite durability and luxuriousness. The best part about this option is that they are relatively inexpensive, and can be found at department stores, and dollar bargain stores.

Mrs. Meyers Countertop Spray

The next product you should consider using on your granite countertops is Mrs. Meyers Countertop Spray. It is the strongest smelling of the products on this list – a potent scent of lavender will overwhelm you – but the cleaning will astound you. For some, the scent can be refreshing, but be sure to open a window if you are sensitive to perfume-like smells. On the upside, there are no chemical smells, and the list of ingredients is fairly easy to read, allowing you to know exactly what you are putting on your countertops. It is safe to use on granite, and can be found online for a low price.

STONE PLUS Granite & Marble Cleaning Spray

STONE PLUS Granite & Marble Cleaning Spray is an excellent option for cleaning and maintaining the luster of your granite countertops. This product can, however, only be found online at the Countertop Specialty Store, and is the most expensive on the list, coming in over $15.00 per bottle. However, it is a very effective cleaning product, dries with zero streaks, and enhances the shine and color of your granite countertops. Because it is specifically formulated for granite countertops there are no harmful acidic ingredients that will damage your countertops.

Make Your Own

Perhaps the safest, and most cost effective solution to cleaning your granite countertops is a homemade formula. When making your own, however, it is important that you follow the basic rules of granite countertop cleaners – avoid the use of vinegar, acidic products, abrasive materials, and always use a soft cloth. You also want to avoid lemons or other citrus fruits. It is true that they smell good and serve as a disinfectant, but the can cause etching on the countertop, much like vinegar, which damages the countertop.

It may seem like that leaves you with very few options for cleaning with a homemade natural cleaner. That is because it does. You are left with water and dish soap, which was already recommended. However, as many of you know, water and dish soap can leave streaks, which dulls the luster of granite countertops. Here is what you can do. Combine ΒΌ cup of rubbing alcohol with 3 drops of dishwashing liquid and water. If you want, you can add a few drops of an essential oil to make it smell amazing.

When it all comes down to it, choosing a granite countertop cleaner results in your getting a product that you feel performs well and fits within your budget. You can choose one of the premade cleaning products, but remember to always make sure that it is specifically designed for cleaning granite. Choosing a product that is not made for granite could wear down the sealant, causing you more money in the long run, as you will have to pay to have your granite countertops resealed more often than necessary. Take the time to mix up your own cleaner before you spend too much money on a product you are unsure will work the way you want it to.