Trendy Backsplash Ideas for Your Kitchen

Trendy Backsplash Ideas for Your Kitchen

Back in the day, a kitchen backsplash was merely a piece of material that was installed to protect the walls behind the sink and the stove from being splattered with water and food. Now, a kitchen backsplash is a way to add color, design, and often serves as a piece of art in the kitchen. There are a wide array of materials to choose from, as well as colors and patterns that you can select to create an amazing eye-catching backsplash in your kitchen. Here are some of the current trends in kitchen backsplashes that add a ‘splash’ of color to your space.

Copper Tile


If you are a fan of bronze, browns, and gold hues, you might want to consider a copper tile for your backsplash. Most often, the thin coating of copper is laid over ceramic tiles of different sizes and shapes. You can combine larger squares with smaller ones, and even throw in a rectangle here and there to create a unique pattern. In addition, because copper is a living material, it has the ability to patina over long periods of time, which means that it gradually changes colors. This gives you one eye-catching backsplash, which could be perfect when you remodel your kitchen.

Ceramic Tile

Although it is one of the more expensive options for a backsplash, it does provide you with possibly the largest selection of colors and shapes of tile to choose from. Now, looking at the cost aspect, there are ways to make this option a little more cost effective. You can choose basic subway tiles and align them in a unique pattern. The cost savings is amazing and you can create an intricate or simple design that will surely catch the eye of those coming and going through your kitchen.

Glass Tile

Another way to tile on a splashy backsplash is with glass tile. Usually, these small tiles come attached to create sheets. The sheets often have their own pattern, which when combined with other sheets can be unique to your kitchen alone. Similar to ceramic tile, you can find many different colors and shades to make your granite countertops and the overall design and décor of your kitchen.

Chalkboard Paint

If you are looking for a functional yet elegant backsplash idea, opt for chalkboard paint. Although it is essentially a plain black wall, it serves as a great place to write reminders to the family, jot down a quick recipe, or write special messages for all to see. You can used colored chalk to bring a splash of color to the space, it is very budget-friendly, and it cleans up easily – just as any chalkboard does.

Tile Combinations

If you are having trouble deciding between two different types of tiles, such as ceramic and glass or tumbled stone and glass, or limestone and glass, consider using both. You can tile the majority of the wall with one of the materials, such as the tumbled stone, the ceramic tiles, or the limestone, and then create a focal point – usually in the center directly behind the hood and the same width as the hood – with the glass tiles. This helps to add more texture to the space, and is available in just about any color and you get to choose the pattern.

River Rock

Most people opt for river rock tiling in the shower floors and/or walls. However, if your kitchen has a rustic design, you might want to consider a river rock backsplash. The great thing about this type of backsplash is that it flows across the wall with no real distinct line. You can create waves of rock over the wall and choose how high each section goes. You can use a multitude of different colors to create a natural feeling on the wall, while protecting the walls behind.

Translucent Agate

If you like the idea of stone, but want a little bit more drama and sleekness – as opposed to the rustic feeling of river rock – opt for translucent agate. This material is fabricated using natural agate, but provides a translucent feeling in the space. The light that shines on this backsplash takes on the feeling that the light is coming from behind the wall lighting up the space. It can really add that dramatic – yet natural feeling you are looking for.

There are several different materials you can choose from, and these are just a few ideas. Take the time to sit down with your designer and leave your mind open to new ideas. Many of the options listed above are not in the ‘norm’ of what you would see in a kitchen backsplash – particularly the chalkboard idea – but it can be exactly the added touch your kitchen needs. Be creative with your tiling designs and you will find the perfect backsplash to complete your newly designed kitchen.