Your Granite Finish: Polished, Honed, or Leathered?

Your Granite Finish: Polished, Honed, or Leathered?

          Here at Classic Granite and Marble you will find granite in every color of the rainbow, from sparkly black to muted white, from gold-flecked brown to iridescent green, and from deep midnight blue to sunrise pink. There are also three finishes that we offer to bring out just the right texture and feel that you would like your stone to have.



          The polished finish is the most commonly used finish and what most people think of when they hear “granite countertop”. Just as its name implies,this classic, elegant, mirror-top finish is achieved by polishing the granite slab to a 5,000 grit level. The polished finish creates the highest shine and a smoothness and feels cool under your fingertips. As you walk by a polished slab in our inventory, you can often see your own reflection.


A honed finish starts out being polished, but the process is stopped between the 200-400 grit mark. As a result, this finish has less sheen but has become more popular in the last two years. Although this finish will give your granite a lovely antiqued or slightly aged look, the honing process opens up pores in the granite which make it more susceptible to fingerprints. Any granite that we have in stock can be given a honed finish.


          The leathered finish is the least shiny, but the highest textured. A leathered granite has been buffed with diamond brushes or bristles up to 400 grit, during which the softer material is removed. You will be able to identify the distinct feel of a leathered granite by its unique texture- it truly feels like leather, hence its name.

          No matter which granite and finish you choose for your project, we at Classic Granite and Marble are here to help you navigate your many options. Colors, finishes, and aesthetics can all be tailored to your taste and needs by our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Come in today to experience the Classic Granite and Marble difference!