Your Slice of The Mountain

Your Slice of The Mountain

        Have you stood at the edge of a quarry and looked down at the layers of rock within the earth? How does something from the center of the Earth’s core enter our home looking so lavish? Granite is one of the strongest stones on earth. It is difficult to damage, hard to stain, easy to clean and the natural beauty of this stone adds value to your home.

What is Granite


        Granite is a igneous rock. The life of granite begins thousands of miles in the earth’s surface as molten magma. As the pressure builds, it cracks the earth’s crust. It then cools, becomes crystallized. That is how granite is formed.

The Process

        Having granite in your home is like having a slice of your own mountain. It is mined from a quarry. Miners will blast chunks from mountainsides using explosives, drills and chisels.

The large slices will then be divided into more manageable pieces. Miners will use a saw; either a diamond saw or a gang saw. A gang saw is best described as a giant bread slicer. The gang saw has many adjustable blades to allow different thicknesses. This saw can cut the entire block of stone into slabs at the same time. The diamond saw is used to cut the more delicate stones; cutting one slab at time. As they slice, they will group the same “lots” together so they can be matched.

        Once these slabs are cut, they undergo polishing to get that shiny look we all love in our homes. After the slabs are cut and polished, they are ready to be delivered.

        At Classic Granite and Marble, we will receive and fabricate everything in house. We encourage our customers to come see each individual “slice of mountain” we have. Granite is so unique as no two pieces will be alike. Our granite is hand chosen from countries all over the world by our owner. At Classic Granite and Marble we can promise you that the beauty of this natural stone is of quality and handled with the utmost care.