Three Special Ways to Use Granite in Your Home

Three Special Ways to Use Granite in Your Home

It is no immense secret that granite is a beautiful material that has become highly popular as an interior finish. Many homeowners are excited about incorporating granite into their homes, but they are not sure about how or where to begin. Part of the difficulty in deciding how to use granite is that this material is incredibly versatile. Indeed, interior designers champion using granite in almost any room you can imagine. What follows are three special ways in which you might use granite in your own space.  We hope these suggestions can help to inspire a new and glamorous space in your home.

Granite Embedded Fireplace


One beautiful way of incorporating granite in your home is by using this material to frame your fireplace. A fireplace is a luxurious, soothing feature that most homeowners would be more than happy to have in their homes. One mistake that homeowners make is thinking that the fireplace, being a classic feature, needs to be presented in a traditional fashion.

One alternative to the traditional fireplace can be achieved by way of granite. By framing your fireplace with granite tiles, you can easily create a modern yet luxurious fireplace. If you are hoping to do so, the first thing you will want to do is select a beautiful cut of granite that complements the rest of your space. Cream-colored granite will work wonders to create a modern meets romantic fireplace. Alternatively, you might want to select a cut of slate grey granite to enhance a markedly modern space. What is so nice about framing your fireplace in granite is that you achieve a fresh perspective on a classic feature.

Granite Walkway

So few homeowners appreciate the fact that granite works brilliantly outside of the home. These people see granite being used as a beautiful countertop and flooring material and think that granite is limited to being used in these two ways. But, this could not be further from the truth. If you are lucky enough to have a gorgeous outdoor space, you may want to create some sort of structure therein.

One way of creating a sense of direction and cohesion in your backyard is by using granite slabs to create a makeshift path. If you have multiple elements in your backyard, such as gardens, sheds or a pool, a path can help to organize all of these complex elements. By using granite, you make a statement about your home. This statement is one that positions your home as one that is modern through and through, from its interior to its outdoor space. Select a cut of granite in a neutral color, and you can find thick granite slabs that pick up on the aesthetic of your home’s exterior. If you live in a cottage-style home, for instance, you may want to select granite slabs in an earthy hue. Alternatively, contemporary homes welcome granite slabs in bold, solid colors. Your granite walkway will help your home stand out in the best possible way.

Granite Countertops

Perhaps the most conventional use of granite is in the form of countertops. The reason behind the popularity of granite countertops is that they are incredibly durable and versatile. The leading quality you will want in a countertop is durability. After all, this feature is an investment that you will want to maintain and value over time.

One special way of introducing granite countertops, in your home, is by doing so in unconventional spaces. Countertops are not only an asset in the kitchen and the bathroom, although granite countertops work beautifully in these spaces as well. Brainstorm ways in which you might introduce countertops elsewhere in the home. Perhaps you have a basement bar that could really benefit from a modern countertop. If this space in your home is masculine in character, you may want to select a cut of granite in both a dark and bold color. Another special way of introducing a granite countertop in your home is by doing so in the laundry room. Laundry rooms tend to be neglected in that they are small, primarily functional spaces. By including small granite countertops, on which you might fold and organize your clothing, you create a sense of luxury in even the smallest of spaces.

All in all, granite is a beautiful material that can be used in a number of special ways. If you are hoping to introduce granite in your home, you will want to think about less conventional ways of doing so. When you do this, your granite finishes become truly special. You may want to introduce a granite mantel in your fireplace, lending a sense of modernism to a class feature. Alternatively, you might use smaller granite countertops in either your laundry room or your basement. In so doing, you extend a sense of luxury throughout your entire home.