What You Get Out of Remodeling Your Kitchen – ROI

What You Get Out of Remodeling Your Kitchen – ROI

There are a number of reasons that homeowners decide to remodel their kitchens. The kitchen plays a special role in each household and while one may be drastically different from the next, the end goal tends to be the same. The kitchen provides nourishment and space to the people who live in and visit a home.

Whether you’re a person who loves to entertain for large groups on a regular basis, or someone who gets the most joy out of spending time munching on after school snacks with their kids around the kitchen island, it’s the people that make the project worth the effort. In the end, it’s the people the kitchen is made to cater too that most often become the reason so much time and effort gets put into how a kitchen is designed.


However, this doesn’t make remodeling your kitchen a thankless process. In fact, what usually starts out as a project with others in mind inevitably delivers a great amount of satisfaction to homeowners as well! Both logistically and on a more abstract level, remodeling your kitchen can be a valuable experience in more ways than one.

The financial return on investment

Anytime you remodel your kitchen, your home ultimately receives a home value upgrade. Even if you’re not looking to move immediately, taking the future into consideration is never a bad idea. Adding sophisticated, valuable and quality features to your kitchen can only help you whenever your home goes on the market.

A remodeled kitchen sends a message to potential buyers that the house is worth the long-term investment. Assessors will notice the value in individual features you’ve added and incorporate that into your overall home value. For example, adding granite countertops to your kitchen not only plays to a potential buyer’s desire for a quality product, but generally receives 100% return on investment when it comes to home value assessments.

The addition of quality

Adding features to your kitchen that look great is a definite plus, but having the opportunity to add features that are beautiful and built to last is truly a gift! When you decide to remodel your kitchen and add items like granite countertops for your surfacing, you’re not only making an investment in your home’s long-term future, but can enjoy the overall quality these products provide right now. Knowing you’re cooking, eating and enjoying time in a kitchen made to live up to everyday life is extremely satisfying! Beyond that, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that what you’ve invested in is going to be something your whole family will be able to appreciate and utilize for years to come.

Amp up your social experience

When all is said and done, a newly remodeled kitchen is an exciting finished product! While you’ll be ecstatic to have created a space fit to your taste and style, friends and family are going to want to enjoy the moment as well. A kitchen remodeling experience adds the new space you love to your home, but it can also spice up your social life. After all, you’ve successfully installed a beautiful new space to entertain—why not use it to its full advantage?

The possibility of saving time and energy

Where you’ve increased value on your home with a kitchen remodel, you’ll also find you save on time and energy. Even if the process itself seems to be a significant time investment, once the kitchen is complete, you’ll begin to notice the time saving benefits. If you’ve taken the time to install new features like granite countertops, you’ll be amazed at how easy they are to clean and maintain. Sleek and durable, granite countertops need nothing more than a quick wipe down after use to be sparkling like new. The addition of quality features to your kitchen will cut down the time you spend cleaning, which can then be redirected towards hobbies you love, like entertaining in your state-of-the-art kitchen!

The bonding experience

While the final remodeled kitchen is a great space to experience, there’s nothing quite like the bonding experience that you get when it comes to a kitchen remodel project. Remodeling is definitely a team effort. Whether it’s done with family or friends, remodeling your kitchen is a great way to spend time with the people you love, combine creative ideas for design and layout and watch those ideas come to life. There’s something priceless about looking at changes in your home and knowing that each feature has a personal touch and story behind it. Not only will you have created a beautiful space in your home, but the remodeling experience is an effort that can really work to bring you and your spouse, partner or entire family closer together. As far as return on investment goes, it’s hard to be an emotional return on investment that involves all of the people you love most.