5 Benefits of a Granite Kitchen Island

5 Benefits of a Granite Kitchen Island

Installing granite countertops on your kitchen island can be an enormous benefit to your kitchen’s overall efficiency, value and appeal. A smaller space to cover, adding granite to your kitchen island can give your culinary space a boost better than you could have imagined! Here are five reasons you should give a granite kitchen island a try.

Extra counter space with a durable touch


Any kitchen island is going to inevitably add much needed extra counter space to your kitchen. However, adding a granite countertop to your kitchen island is going to give you space with durability included. If you’re a homeowner who spends a significant amount of time experimenting in the kitchen, a granite countertop on your kitchen island can be a true gift. Strong enough to stand up under the wear and tear of cooking adventures, yet beautiful enough to frame your final plates, granite countertops on your kitchen island are a must-have.

Not to mention the mobility factor

Those granite countertops you love so much in your kitchen are great, but in general, they aren’t going anywhere fast. Granite countertops are securely installed and as a homeowner, it’s your job to bring décor to your granite. This just isn’t the case if you decide to add a granite countertop to your kitchen island. Islands have the ability to be mobile features in your kitchen. A mobile kitchen island with a granite countertop becomes granite that can be added here and there according to need or want! Have the granite island be the centerpiece during a large gathering, then simply roll it to the side and create open space when you want to.

Setting up for extra storage

Granite is a naturally stunning stone, and when you decide to install it as a countertop material, comes with a number of edging options. This is even more beneficial when you decide to give you kitchen island a granite countertop upgrade. Kitchen islands provide extra storage you love to have, but don’t necessarily want to display. If this is the case, simply add granite countertops to your island with severely beveled edges. The countertop itself will work as near camouflage for the storage space below!

Stunning focal point in your kitchen

If you’re someone who just loves the beautiful color and patterns of granite countertops, there’s no better place to display its beauty than on a centrally placed kitchen island. In most kitchens, primary lighting fixtures are found directly above the kitchen island. When placed under the right lighting, the colors and textures in granite countertops have a tendency to play off of light and really shine. In this way, a central kitchen island with granite countertops is going to become an inevitable and shimmering focal point in your kitchen.

Let it frame important tokens in your home with sophistication and style

While granite is often a large and primary feature in the kitchen, using it on a kitchen island provides the opportunity for granite to act as a frame for other kitchen features as well. While some homeowners try to hide storage areas under kitchen islands, others take the opposite route and turn their islands into one, large display case. Swapping out cabinet doors under islands for glass can be a gorgeous way to create a display case for important items right in the center of your kitchen. Safe from the many people wandering through, but visible from nearly all angles of the space, kitchen islands make amazing display cases. Adding a granite countertop to this set up allows the items you love to be framed by a gorgeous granite frame. The end result is a visually striking setup that allows your kitchen to be functional and visually fantastic all at the same time!