The Benefits of a Marble Island Kitchen Countertop

The Benefits of a Marble Island Kitchen Countertop

When remodeling your kitchen, or building one from scratch you have many options to choose from for the countertops. The two most prized countertops would be granite countertops and marble. These two countertops are known for their beauty and durability. All you need to do now if choose which will work for your kitchen countertops and island. This is mostly a personal preference but there are different benefits and deterrents.

The benefits of a marble island kitchen countertop is the beautiful appearance of the stone, however, there are other benefits that make marble a great choice. Marble is can be pretty expensive, but they will last a lifetime and they increase the value of the home. Marble countertops need maintenance, but if you properly maintain it, the countertop will stay in great condition for a lifetime.


Marble is available in a variety of colors that are determined by where the marble is mined. When the marble is being finished, the natural colors begin to shine. Of course, because the marble is a natural stone, if you use more than one slab, you will not have exact matches. Each stone is different and unique, but many homeowners believe this adds charm to their countertops.

Another great benefit of having a marble island kitchen countertop is that it is heat resistant and it will not catch fire or get scorch marks. However, you will want to avoid placing hot items on the surface as the finish can be damaged. You should use a rack or potholder to place your hot pots and pans to avoid ruining the finish of your marble countertops. You also want to be careful as the heat can make changes to the color on the countertop making it darker than the rest of the marble. Once the change in color happens, there is no way to repair it, so you will want to be careful.

Marble countertops are resistant to cracks, breakage and scratches because they are natural stone. Marble is a very hard stone and it would take a lot of force to damage it like a natural disaster or someone purposely trying to break it. The sealant can become damaged, but you can fix that by stripping the entire sealant off then have a profession reseal it.

You can go with a large slab of marble, which can be very expensive, or you can buy tiles, which are less expensive. In addition, marble can stain if you do not clean up a spill right away and these stains are hard if not impossible to repair. The last thing you should know about marble is after a while the marble will patina, even when you keep it sealed and maintain it. Patina is a green layer that is formed over time and some people find it makes the counters look better.

There are a few reasons to choose granite over marble, one of the biggest reasons would be affordable. You can get a very nice piece if granite for the same price as a mediocre piece of marble. Granite is also very durable, but like marble, you do not want to place hot pots and pans on the surface as it could damage the seal and granite. Granite is also very unique and comes in several different colors depending on where it was mined. It is always important to look at the actual piece you will be using because the granite pieces are all different.

Granite countertops also require maintenance however, sealing your countertops can be done by a do it yourselfer making the maintenance less expensive. Granite does not stain very easy and if you get a stain or a chip in your granite it is can be fixed. Granite also increases the value of your home as it is a sought after amenity in kitchens.

Granite will look right at home in an elegant kitchen to a cozy cottage kitchen as it easily lends itself to a variety of styles. Marble you will only usually find in high end kitchens, granite can blend into most kitchen designs. If you love the look of marble but cannot afford the price tag, you can find white granite with blue and green veins in it that can easily mimic the look of marble.

Granite can last for a long time like marble, but it will not patina. It is easy to clean and granite can be found easily as it is readily available. Granite has small crystals imbedded in the stone so the sunlight can be bounced off the countertop and give your kitchen a natural shine.

Whether you choose marble or granite countertops, you will end up having a beautiful kitchen that you will be very proud of. You cannot go wrong with either of these materials, as both will raise the value of your home and last lifetime.