People are naturally attracted to the beauty of granite. The colors, the veining, or the pattern will attract you but once you make your selection, you have one more decision to make that can reward your kitchen: the edge. The edge is the extra flair you need to show off your kitchen.

         Classic Granite and Marble offers a large variety of edge options to suit your personal taste.  These edges include: standard (also known as eased or pencil), quarter round over, quarter bevel, half bevel, half bullnose, full bullnose, bookend, ogee, large ogee and waterfall.


         Standard Edge: The standard edge offers a clean and simple look. If you chose this edge, you will have a flat, square face with a slightly rounded surface. This is edge works great with a modern kitchen.

         Quarter Round Over Edge (Pencil):  Quarter round edging is similar to the standard edge. Only noticeable difference is ¼ inch roll on top and ⅛ inch roll at the bottom.

         Quarter Bevel or Half Bevel Edge: These edges are modern in style. The top on this edge is beveled at a 45 degree angle.

         Half Bullnose Edge: The half bullnose is a ½ inch roll on top and ⅛ roll at the bottom with an approximate 90 degree angle at the bottom. It has a very smooth touch and feel to it. This makes it harder to chip and easy to clean.  A half bullnose will give a thicker appearance to the stone, making this a very popular edge.

         Full Bullnose Edge: The full bullnose is a fuller, smooth curve. It has no sharp edges whatsoever. The full bullnose has a half inch on top and bottom.

         Bookend Edge: The bookend edge appearance is just like it sounds; the edge of a book. It is the mirror reflection of a book’s spine. This edge is smooth from bottom to top.

         Ogee Edge (⅞ oversize radius): The ogee edge has a concave shape and is more traditional.

         Waterfall Edge (Triple Pencil):  This edge is very elegant in its beauty. This edge appears just like it sounds as well. It have several ledges; like a cascade waterfall. This will also make your stone appear thicker than it actually is.

          When selecting your edge profile, take a few things into consideration. You want to enhance the color, veining and pattern and with the right edge. Also, the more intricate the edge, the price is going to reflect that. Visit our showroom and see all the different edge profiles in person.