Top 5 Popular Granite Countertop Colors

Top 5 Popular Granite Countertop Colors

It may not seem like it, but colors can have a huge effect on how your kitchen comes across. The colors and combinations you choose can make your kitchen look modern or antique, small or large, natural or contemporary, open or cluttered. Many kitchen designs come and go, but there are some that are classic, such as granite countertops. Granite is popular because it is extremely durable and versatile. Though porous, if properly sealed at the appropriate times, granite can last many years. Because of the overwhelming number of colors of granite available, it can be difficult to choose just one. The color you choose should be determined by your preference, kitchen style, size, and cabinet colors.

White Granite 


Though white granite may seem like it would make a boring countertop, this is not true. Like other granite colors, white granite has a base white color, but is also composed of veins and flecks of other colors. It can have grey, silver, and black speckles that light up in the sun. This can make a naturally dark kitchen appear lighter without the addition of windows. White is often the color of choice to make small spaces look larger and the same is true for granite and kitchens. Small kitchens will appear more open with beautiful white granite. No matter the color of your kitchen cabinets, whether they be black, brown, or white as well, a white granite countertop always matches. They will make your kitchen look brighter and larger.

Beige Granite 

Natural colored cabinets made of wood go fantastically with traditional beige granite. While beige is very similar to white, it has a bit more color that is preferable to homeowners. It comes in various shades that work with light to dark woods that the rest of the kitchen features. Depending on the source the granite came from, the veins and flecks within can make the beige appear lighter or darker to make it really tie into the other natural colors in the kitchen. Beige is also a popular choice for traditional, country, and Victorian styles of kitchens. While still light, beige adds warmth and makes the space feel larger.

Brown Granite 

As a color darker than beige, brown granite is perfect for lighter cabinetry and creates a nice, gentle contrast. There is some limitation because brown granite does not go particularly well with other colors such as darker wood or black cabinetry, though the flecks and veins can make it more suited to the color of cabinets. Despite this, many kitchens do utilize lighter cabinet colors and so brown is a popular choice for classic kitchens with a rustic or country style. The shade of brown and types of vein and fleck colors to choose will depend highly on the surrounding kitchen colors.

Black Granite 

One of the best things about granite is its ability to have an imposing presence. Beautiful granite should be the focal point of your kitchen and black granite is the best at doing that. Black granite, like all others, have flecks of color that add depth and shine to your countertop especially when the sun hits it. Light or white colored cabinets against the black granite countertops creates an extreme contrast that can really make your kitchen shine. Another great thing about black granite is that it is a great choice for anyone looking for a durable surface that is easily cleaned and does not require much maintenance work. Black granite is found more typically in modern and contemporary homes and, along with light-colored cabinets, it goes well with stainless steel and other modern, sleek cabinet styles.

Jewel-Toned Granite 

If you are really looking for both a durable surface and make a statement, then jewel-toned granite colors are an excellent choice. They boast loud green, blues, and other colors with strong veining. As such, they can really make your kitchen unique. When deciding on this color, you should also carefully consider the colors and style of cabinets in order to make sure the kitchen is not too “busy”. Jewel-tones go best with neutral-colored, simple cabinets.

As you can see, there are many colors of granite that can match any style and color of cabinetry you throw at it to create the perfect look and feel in your kitchen. Even if you do not find one color that completely meets your needs, you can sometimes mix and match colors of granite within the kitchen as a whole. If you have a kitchen that has an L-shaped layout with an island in the middle and you would like to make the island a focal point, you can tone down the granite countertop on the L-shaped section with a beige or brown granite and install jewel-toned green granite on the island.